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Al Wadi Hotel is located in the ancient maritime capital of Oman; Sohar, which is home to legendary Sindbad the Sailor.

Take time to explore the Wadis and the Sohar Fort, one of the largest in Oman, en route to the Al Wadi Hotel, which is strategically located on the Muscat-Dubai highway along the Batinah coast, an area identified for its richness in heritage and culture. Ideal for business travelers and leisure travelers alike, this Oman hotel has 78 standard rooms and a combination of bars and restaurants, recreational facilities and a conference room - all under one roof. Experience the essence of Sohar together with the finest hospitality at one of the finest business hotels Oman has to offer.

Enjoy the quiet and tranquil atmosphere of Al Wadi Hotel, situated in one of the most interesting cities of Oman.

Where legendary Omani Hospitality comes alive with Al Wadi Hotel


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